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Evelyn's Wig Sales & Service:

Winnipeg Direct: (204) 878-2351
Fax: (204) 878-3766

(Scroll down for the map to Evelyn's)

Evelyn sees clients by appointment MONDAY to FRIDAY – last appointment 4:00 p.m.

As this is a private and professional consultation for you, be sure to book ahead. Unless there is a cancellation, it could be somewhat difficult to get same day appointment. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you to offer support and an opinion, please no more than two. We ask that you refrain from bringing children with you, so that distractions do not interfere with your consultation.

Be sure to check with your doctor or nurse to find out if the medication or treatment you will be on will cause hair loss. Once you know that you will be losing your hair or even if you are told it will thin (which will make it very unmanageable) you should start looking for alternatives such as a wig and/or fashion headwear. Evelyn recommends that you do not have to wait until you lose some hair or all your hair to be fitted properly with a wig. We use scalp protectors for all women who come to see about a wig. A professional and sanitary atmosphere are maintained at all times. When the client feels they are ready for a consult to purchase a wig or headwear usually that is the right time to pursue the natural look.

Empathy and respect are given to every client every day at Evelyn's, and confidentiality and dignity are maintained at all times.

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We accept all Major credit cards – Debit (Interac), Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Once your appointment is made, Evelyn will guide you to her studio.

DID YOU KNOW that we are ONLY 15 minutes away from where Fermor Avenue and Lagimodiere Blvd. meet? Heading EAST, yes, it will take you less time to get to us than travelling across different areas of Winnipeg.

Always remember that Fermor Avenue just changes name to Highway #1 East or TransCanada Highway.

DID YOU KNOW that once you turn on Provincial Highway 207, you will be driving SOUTH?

DID YOU KNOW coming from Fermor all your turns will be right.

REMEMBER, SOUTH is always warmer, whether it's our Manitoba weather or following the Sun to Lorette.
Once in our Studio, it is even a warmer atmosphere.

*Please follow the map below and the directions we give you over the phone when you book your appointment.*

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For clients coming from Ontario, follow Highway #1 west to Highway 207. At the junction of Highway 207, there's a Petro Canada and an A&W on the right. Turn south (left) on Highway 207, continuing for 10 kms into Lorette. Evelyn's is located in Lorette, only 15 minutes East and South of the Royal Canadian Mint.

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