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Q:Real or Synthetic?


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Click on the graphic to the left or this text to see the PROS and CONS for both Real and Synthetic hair wigs.

Q:Why would you call a wig, Spare Hair?


My personal view on the word wig is not a very positive one. It's a harsh word with a hard connotation. I really am presenting Spare Hair, Hair Alternatives, Hair Solutions or even better Fashion Hair.  Celebrities wear them not only when they have to but often when they want to.  We are even talking about Hair extensions, either woven, glued or clipped in. Think of a wig as an extension to your own hair if you prefer.

IT'S NOW TIME TO GET TRENDY AND IN THE GROOVE by checking out Fashion Hair and I guarantee that you will be amazed at what could be you.  Whether wearing for a medical reason or for occasion only; you will have the same choice for styles colors and comfort.  Either way Spare Hair, Wigs, Fashion Hair is here to stay. 

Q: Will a wig be hot? Itchy? Uncomfortable?


You will be surprised at how comfortable a wig is to wear. To ensure the most lightweight, comfortable feel, look for wigs that feature lightweight fibre and an open cap for greater air circulation and a cooler feel. Other features like velvet bands provide much needed comfort for sensitive scalps. There are wigs available that are all handmade.

Q: How can I be sure my wig won’t move or fall off?


Your wig should fit you both comfortably and securely. Choosing a wig in your correct size makes a big difference. When your wig fits correctly, it should not move at all. There certainly is a savings of time and money if you make an appointment with me for a consultation.

Q: Could a wig cause damage to my scalp or slow my own natural hair growth?


Not at all. Wearing a wig will not hurt your scalp or inhibit regrowth. In fact, a wig will make you feel better and more confident about your appearance. Many women choose to wear their wig until their own hair has regrown enough to style and shape. I am seeing more women wanting to purchase another wig after their cancer treatments. The wigs look natural and you can get that perfect look in minutes.

Q: What is monofilament?


Wig fibres are handtied to a fine polysilk mesh (monofilament). This thin breathable fabric allows your skin color to show through for a natural-looking part. Versatile hand-tied fibres can be combed or brushed in any direction.

Q: Should I buy a synthetic or a human hair wig?


The best way to decide is by trying them on. There are more styles and colours available in synthetic wigs than in human hair, and they are versatile. The only drawback with synthetic wigs is when exposed to heat, they will frizz. If you are in the kitchen, maybe wear a scarf over your wig. Human hair is more expensive. Why? The only reason is because it is human hair. A positive thing with human hair wigs is that you can curl or perm them, highlight or lowlight them, or restyle them. Assess your personal situation and then make an informed decision on your choice of wig.

Q: What should I look for if I want a good human hair wig?


I recommend the Remy Human Hair. This is the complete hair strand including the cuticle. The most refined pieces come with a monofilament top. It shows a natural scalp color and allows multidirectional hair styling. This is done by handknotting "grafts" containing one or two strands of hair to an ultra fine mono mesh. The very refined are the handmade wigs which are somewhat lighter and very soft inside the wig.

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